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Welcome to the new Temponautics Web Site. Home of the incredible OME App. Visit Apples App Store and try a whole new Gaming Experience.

Explore the dark, fight against enemies you have never seen before and free your iPhone from the weirdest creatures you have ever seen.



Temponautics means creative mobile gaming. Concepts, you have never seen before, atmosphere, you have never experienced before and strategies, you have never thought of before. These ingredients sum up to the most exciting games you have ever played on your mobile device.



OME is the first game invented and designed by Temponautics. Inside your phone, bugs have taken control. Your device has fallen to darkness. Your enemies are always ready to steal your last bit of energy. Defend yourself with the help of OME and bring light to darkness to win this epic battle.



Temponautics games follow simple rules: Gameplay is always exciting, each game has new ideas that have never been in a game before and each game refers to the good old times of console playing in one or the other way. So, excitement is guaranteed

OME - the first Video

See the first footage of the first game designed by Temponautics. Join us on to read about the fascinating story of the origin of OME.

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